Best and lowest price guaranteed

Our goal from the beginning was to provide really cheap Java hosting as cost of future hosting of Java/JSP applications and websites has sometimes been a blocker for Java developers. You can google for 'cheap java hosting' and find us :) There are still some old Java hosts on the market that have not updated their prices for many years. With us you now get 'Lowest Price Guarantee'. It means that if you happen to find a better price for a similar product, let us know and we will offer you even better price so that you always win with us!

Choice of mod_jk, mod_proxy_ajp, mod_proxy_wstunnel and mod_proxy

Two most popular ways of passing requests from webserver to application server via AJP protocol and one with HTTP protocol. You can decide which directories/files are served by web server and which ones by application server. This also helps clients who migrate to us from other Java hosts as they can continue using the mapping method that they used to at their former provider. We support websockets via direct port or mod_proxy_wstunnel (when you want to hide behind default HTTP(S) port.

Multiple domains mapped to an application server

Access your web applications using multiple domains. Each domain can be individually mapped to application server so that some URLs are processes by application server and the other ones by web server. The mappings can be easily applied using our custom JVM control panel "JVMCP". Later - in application server config files - you can map each domain to a separate web application if you wish.

Free migration support

After you try our services (only $0.50 setup fee for 30-day trial) and are satisfied, we can help you with account transfer from your current provider. This can be a consultation, migration plan or migration itself. Most of the clients migrate by themselves but we are here to help you with our experience if you wish.

Tomcat Native library and Apache Portable Runtime

The Apache Tomcat Native Library is a JNI (Java Native Interface) wrappers set that provides many of Tomcat's core functionality using native code instead of Java bytecode. It means some functions will run faster. Tomcat native uses Apache Portable Runtime (APR) internally. The APR library provides superior scalability, performance, and better integration with native server technologies. APR has many uses, including access to advanced IO functionality (such as sendfile, epoll and OpenSSL), OS level functionality (random number generation, system status, etc), and native process handling (shared memory, NT pipes and Unix sockets). Tomcat Native/APR can be enabled in our Java Control Panel.

Focus on client's feedback

We strive to become #1 JVM/Java host on the market and this can only be achieved if we listen to our clients and fulfill their needs. So please do not hesitate do submit your comments and feedback. Do not think we won't do something because it requires much work and you only have smallest package with us. The more clients want a feature, the faster we will introduce it.

Raid10 for performance

You website opening speed and also your application server processing speed depends on input/output operations i.e. disk reading and writing speed. We run RAID10 for maximum performance/redundancy. Your data are at any time kept at least on 2 physical drives and read/written simultaneously from/to them which gives the expected speed boost.

Quad or Hexa core CPUs

Hosting many application servers or JVMs on a single machine requires processing power. That is why we use only high-end 8 or 12 core Intel CPU servers. The CPU usage is constantly monitored and graphed so that we could provision another server early enough.

Custom JVM control panel

Based on our experience in Java hosting industry we built and are constantly developing JVM Control Panel (JVMCP). The panel allows for easy management of your JVM and application server. Along with hosting industry leading cPanel/WHM that we offer to our clients, these 2 control panels give almost full control over the service. Main features of JVMCP:

You can still do some of the above via traditional command line if you prefer. Try demo with user 'demo' and password 'demo2011'.

Free Java monitor

You can get graphs of memory usage of your JVM (see JVMCP demo). We will add some more parameters later. Data being graphed is sent from java-monitor-probes. On request we can setup a monitoring script that will inform you by email if you application server goes down. Later we plan to integrate the mail notification capability into JVMCP.

30-day trial for $0.50

If you decide for trial, after account setup you have 30-days to try your application in our environment. The setup fee is only to reduce fraud and abuse. In some circumstances we can extend the trial on case by case basis. We will be verifying higher risk orders by phone.

Prepay discounts

For those of you who decide to stay with us longer, we can provide discounts. You can get 10% discount with annual prepay and 5% with semiannual prepay. This is another way to save your money aside from our already low base price and promotional coupons. See more discounts here!

Flexible plans (incl. custom)

Aside from the plans presented at we can also prepare a custom quote when you send us your requiremets. For example you may have built your own server application in Java and do not need any of the popular Java application servers, but you need a specific bandwidth and heap memory amounts. Contact us in such case and we will surely work out a deal.

Weekly, monthly and custom backup

We keep your data on mirrored drives. By default, weekly and monthly backup of full cPanel accounts including your application server directory is made to remote backup server. Accounts are restored from backup free of charge on request. If you require different backup configuration for your account, please contact us for quote.

Unlimited domains and mailboxes

See also main hosting features list.

IPv6 ready

The datacenter is running IPv6 routing and our server have IPv6 stack enabled and addresses configured. Although cPanel IPv6 support is not yet full, it will be introduced sooner or later. We can assign you dedicated Ipv6 address for use with your Java application on request. See also IPv6 in Java 1.5 User Guide.

cPanel control panel

Before starting the business, we spent some time on choosing the best control panel for our clients. Based on our staff long-time experience with Plesk, WHM/cPanel, DirectAdmin and even ISPConfig3 we have chosen cPanel as most complete solution and industry leading product with good perspectives. The cPanel and WHM software package makes life easier for web hosts and the website owners they serve. It offers easy-to-use, powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably. You can check cPanel demo and see what the software can do for you. Find out more on WHM/cPanel suite on their website.

Experienced and friendly staff

Our staff have several years of experience in Java hosting and other hosting industry. We learned what the clients want and knowing we can provide it, we decided to become #1 in Java hosting industry. Ambitious goal you may think, but we feel we can do it. We care for our clients as we understand that the company existence depends on them. Please try us out! :)

Easy upgrades and downgrades

To save your money you can easily change plans - just submit a ticket. For example you had some project that required additional heap memory assigned to your JVM. Now the project is done and you don't want to pay for the memory addon. Just let us know and we will remove it and update your invoice. The most common addon in case of Java hosting is heap memory. You can see heap (and non-heap) memory usage of your Java Virtual Machine in the JVMCP. We can add/remove heap memory of your JVM in 32MB chunks. Other common addons are disk space, dedicated IP, bandwidth and SSL certificate.

Easy VPS management with SolusVM

JVM Host is now an official SolusVM Partner, by selecting the industries best commercial hosting virtualization software we can be confident about the future expansion of our VPS offer. XEN VPS based products are frequently chosen by those of our clients who need more heap memory for their application or have more resource hungry application servers and frameworks like Glassfish, Liferay, Grails, Play!, Atlassian Jira, Alfresco and similar. They can now have easy control over their VPS servers via intuitive web interface. The level of quality that Solus brings to the table is the best in the industry and we want our customers to be confident in their regular VPS and Java VPS provider selection.

Enterprise grade hardware

Enterprise class hardware helps to keep high uptime. We chose to invest in Supermicro servers with hot swappable drive enclosures, Intel Xeon low power (green) processors, Samsung ECC RAM and SSD, Seagate Enterprise HDD, Cisco and Mellanox (Infiniband) network hardware. All these pieces build up a system that you turn on and it stays on for years. We also keep spare servers ready to take over by just swapping drives from a failed one.

High uptime

We assume having your site up 24/7/365 is standard these days and we really care for it. We have servers with high uptime - even 2 years - thanks to rebootless kernel upgrades from Ksplice and now from KernelCare. Additionally, we asked for independent uptime monitoring by UptimeSafe and keep their valid APS 400 certification (see left side of the page for verifiable certification). The monitoring continues every minute.