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Why Java Hosting?

Java is a modern programming language, very popular and actively developed. Java Virtual Machine provides maximum portability and isolation. There are numerous frameworks for Java that ease developer work like Springs, Struts, JSF, GWT, Grails, Stripes, Play, Zkoss, Wicket, Tapestry and others. All these can be used in our Java hosting with dedicated JVM. We offer only dedicated JVM so that our clients applications do not need to share JVM like it is in many Java hosting companies. Dedicated JVM is more expensive comparing to shared JVM but we keep our prices low so that you can get dedicated JVM for the price of shared JVM. You can use any library, framework or jar with dedicated JVM. With dedicated JVM you have full control over it with either shell or our custom Java Control Panel JCP. Those of you who need even more security, isolation and memory can choose XEN VPS where we install JDK and preferred application server for you free of charge.

Apache Tomcat Hosting

Apache Tomcat is the most popular Java application server used for running Java Server Pages and servlets at Java hosting companies. It is actively developed by Apache Software Foundation and due to its low resource requirements it is low priced by Java hosts. We, at JVM Host aim to make Java hosting available to everybody including Java developers, enthusiasts, students and any other kind of clients by trying to be the cheapest Java hosting provider on the market while preserving high hosting quality which is most important for our clients. Apache Tomcat has also the biggest community in the internet and thus the best support. We recommend it especially for beginners. Apache Tomcat 7 introduces Memory Leak Detection/Prevention, CSRF Protection and many other enhancements. You can choose to run any version of Tomcat and JDK in our Java hosting. The Apache Tomcat Native library allowing optimal performance in production environments is included.

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