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cPanel autoresponders and mailer-daemon

Autoresponders can cause unneccessary strain on WHM/cPanel admins and have them spend time on deleting unwanted emails. A higher than usual rate of undeliverable email can be a sign of spam activity and there is already a mechanism in WHM/cPanel … Continue reading

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Block IP address in Apache Tomcat with filter

Usually you use .htaccess to allow or block specific IPs from accessing your website. This changes with Java hosting. When some or all requests are proxied to Tomcat the .htaccess will not work for them as it is not consulted … Continue reading

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How to remotely debug Java and JSP with Eclipse

Sometimes there is a need to perform some debugging of an application that runs in a remote JVM. Java provides Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP) for the purpose and the debugging can be run in an IDE like Eclipse and … Continue reading

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