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Hibernate and the famous ‘Communications link failure’ and ‘last packet sent successfuly’ issue solved with C3P0

With pure hibernate applications longer period of database inactivity can cause first database connection to fail. Subsequent web page refreshes will usually work fine. Why this happens? Usually, MySQL global parameter wait_timeout is set to 28800 (i.e. 8 hours). If … Continue reading

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BIND chrooted nameserver install in Centos 5 – copy and paste guide

Many of our Java clients use pure (no control panel) VPSes and sometimes want to run their own nameservers. Some of them may prefer full featured BIND nameserver over DNSmasq described in the other article although BIND comes with larger … Continue reading

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Your own lightweight nameserver with DNSmasq

Sometimes your registrar does not provide DNS service but you want to point your domain to your VPS IP address. Your VPS package may also not include DNS service (although if you register a domain thru a big registrar like … Continue reading

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