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How to connect with PgAdminIII to PostgreSQL with SSH tunnel

On a cPanel server remote connections to PostgreSQL server are disabled by default. See how to leverage SSH tunnel and connect with PgAdminIII and Putty. 1. SSH tunnel with Windows and Putty If your key-based connection works fine (refer ‘Steps … Continue reading

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How to connect with Putty using key based authentication – screenshots

On a cPanel server where password login is not allowed you will need to use SSH key. Follow this guide to have key based SSH connection set up in Putty. For SSH access from Windows we recommend PuTTY and PuTTYgen … Continue reading

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Web application (WAR) deployment on shared hosting server

3 simple steps (prepare DB, update DB credentials, upload WAR) explained in detail to have your web application (WAR) deployed and made accessible on our shared hosting servers. For our guide we will use database based, WAR packaged application. It … Continue reading

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