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Install node.js on a cPanel based shared hosting account

See how to install node.js on a cPanel account alongside your JVM and appserver. Node.js is event-driven, asynchronous I/O server-side JavaScript environment based on V8 engine. For Centos 6 version scroll to the bottom. On request you will be assigned … Continue reading

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MySQL case-sensitivity and java.sql.SQLException: Can’t create table

MySQL case-sensitivity can cause create temporary table error for an application developed on Windows and run on Linux. Tomcat log: java.sql.SQLException: Can’t create table ‘xxxxx_1.#sql-5dc6_2dd2f85′ (errno: 121) MySQL server log: 120727 10:19:54 [Warning] Invalid (old?) table or database name ‘#sql-5dc6_2dd2f85′ … Continue reading

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Quick JSP upload tester code using commons-fileupload

Some of you have troubles getting JSP upload functions in your code working. Here is upload code example that you can drop in to a JSP file in your webapp directory to quickly check if uploading works. Common cause of … Continue reading

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Java GUI on a headless server via Xvnc or Xvfb with x11vnc

Java GUI can easily be used on a headless server via Xvnc or Xvfb and x11vnc. See how. By default there is no graphical display device support on VPSes. We inform JVM about it with -Djava.awt.headless=true in $JAVA_OPTS environment variable or … Continue reading

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