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JBoss 7: enabling APR support and AJP connector

Java hosting clients that use Tomcat and JBoss products can enable APR for their application server in our custom JVMCP control panel. This gives most speedup to clients who use catch-all mapping and process all requests via application server instead … Continue reading

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How can I monitor memory usage of my Tomcat/JVM?

JVM Host custom JVM Control panel offers graphing of basic JVM parameters. You need to enable ‘monitor’ attribute in your JVMCP panel and wait a 5 minutes before graphs fill with data. On Stats page you can select different graphing … Continue reading

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How to use custom TrueType fonts with Java, JSP or servlets?

Java hosting clients happen to require custom font for their dynamically generated images or reports. Basically, there are 2 methods of making new TTF fonts available to your servlets or JSP – installing in JDK directory tree or outside of … Continue reading

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